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MenstruAgents is an online specialty store which promotes Period Positive and SAFE (no pesticide, no chloride, no toxic chemicals, etc.) menstrual products.


MenstruAgents scouts around for high quality menstrual products from all over the world, including organic cotton napkins, organic cotton tampons, sanitary cloth napkins, menstrual cups, menstrual discs, soft tampons (menstrual sponge), books, herbal tea, Ben Wa balls and other related products, such as sterilizing tablets, disinfection spray, lubricant etc.


MenstruAgents provide one-stop shopping experience and excellent after-sales service, support you mentally and physically in trying/changing to different kinds of

menstrual products.


Silicone and cloth menstrual products are easy to manufacture, while the selection of raw materials, product research and development, patent design and various safety certifications behind are the key factors to �gain the customers' trust and love.

Products with unknown Place of Origin / Made in China products are not available here ( including those Overseas Manufacturing Companies establish plants in China).



We care for product safety and your comfortability.